Are You Sure Men Like Flowers Too?

Are You Sure Men Like Flowers Too?

Flowers are a common gift that is given to mothers on Mother’s day. In fact, floral shops and online businesses have the hardest time keeping up with the demand the week or two before Mother’s Day. Most people assume that men do not like to receive flowers or plants and that is simply not the case. With Father’s Day right around the corner, wouldn’t it be nice to get Dad something a little different this year? Maybe your Dad is a gardener and would appreciate a nice bouquet. Or maybe he is a botanist. Or maybe he just likes flowers and wouldn’t mind getting a beautiful bouquet for Father’s Day. Here are some ideas that he may just love.

Bamboo Plants

bamboo plantBamboo plants are really nice to look at it and are considered to be good luck to anyone who owns one. They traditionally have two layers of Bamboo with stones at the bottom. It doesn’t take much effort to care for them, just a little water every now and then. This would make a perfect addition to your Dad’s office whether it is in home or away from home. It is also the best possible gift for Dads who really aren’t into flowers.

Flowers and Trucks

truck flower arrangementIf your Dad likes cars, trucks, and flowers, then this is the greatest gift for him. This is a Ford Pickup Truck that serves as a vase for a beautiful bouquet. The truck can be kept after the flowers are long gone. It can be kept on a mantle, desk, or anything where Dad can be reminded of you. The beautiful floral arrangement comes with red carnations, yellow daisies, orange roses, and purple statice. This is a great way to wish Dad a Happy Father’s Day with lovely flowers and a neat keepsake.

Baseball and Flowers

If your Dad loves flowers and baseball you can combine the two to create the perfect gift for your dad. It has a baseball mug for a vase that is filled with beautiful flowers that Dad will love. It has red carnations, daisies, and yellow lilies. The mug can be kept as a keepsake after the flowers are gone. It is like having two gifts in one. This makes a great gift for a Dad on his birthday or Father’s Day.

These are just a few ideas for your Dad on Father’s Day. All of these gifts are not only flowers but have keepsakes that make it easy for Dad to love. Even if he hasn’t been a fan of flowers in the past, he is sure to love either of these gifts. They are not only beautiful but also have a touch of masculinity to them. So this Father’s Day, give him something a little different that he can cherish for many years to come.

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